Fillings in Red Deer

At Timberlands Dental Care in Red Deer, we use white bonded fillings to restore your teeth.

Fillings Timberlands Dental Care in Red Deer

Fillings at Timberland Dental Care

Metal fillings are commonly used to restore decayed or damaged teeth that do not blend in naturally with your teeth. Dr. Phil Henriksen, our dentist in Red Deer, provides a new treatment with white bonded fillings which use a composite resin to restore teeth. The tooth-coloured composite restoration is made of glass particles and plastics, which results in a strong material that when applied, strengthens the structure of the tooth.

The Benefits of Bonded Fillings

Since white bonded fillings are applied directly to the tooth, it can be applied in only one appointment. This process is also beneficial since it requires less drilling of the tooth. The dentist will first remove the decayed area from the tooth and thoroughly clean it. The composite material is then applied and bonded to it with an ultraviolet light. Once bonded, these fillings increase the strength and durability for the tooth.

A tooth that has been treated with a filling will need the same oral care as your natural teeth, including regular brushing and flossing.

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